In a deadline day swoop in 2014, Arsenal grabbed boyhood Manchester United fan Danny Welbeck from Old Trafford.

Fast forward almost two years and the striker is first choice at the Emirates Stadium while Manchester United have reverted to relying on teenagers to lead the line in a desperate attempt to qualify for the Champions League. Why oh why did they let Welbeck go?

Well, funnily enough, Arsenal had a little help from Sir Alex Ferguson. Squawka have revealed that the legendary Manchester United manager was called by Arsène Wenger as the transfer deadline approached and the Arsenal boss considered a deal.

Ferguson reportedly told Wenger that Welbeck was incredibly dedicated and a fast learner, always playing with incredible energy and a strong team ethic.

It was then, after receiving a recommendation from his former nemesis, that Wenger decided to push ahead with the transfer.

Since the move, the fortunes of Arsenal and United couldn’t have been much more different. The Gunners have comfortably made the Champions League in each season and won the FA Cup last season while Louis van Gaal’s side have struggled to impress fans.

Many ex-Manchester United players were baffled by the decision to sell Welbeck and have spoken out against it, so there’s little doubt they’d be a bit surprised and disappointed to hear the deal was done, in part, thanks to their old manager.