After another disappointing cameo from the bench on Sunday you have to wonder whether or not Theo Walcott has any future at Arsenal.

At this point, it feels like a switch would suit everyone.

Yeah, that happened.

Arsenal are in need of a clinical striker with more ability to keep the ball and bring others into play than Walcott has. The England international is usually great in front of goal and his movement from wide is excellent but, simply put, that isn’t enough.

Out wide what Arsenal really lack is a creative player who can take some of the creative burden off of Mesut Özil, the type of player the club used to have in Samir Nasri and then in Santi Cazorla when he was considered an option on the flank. With Alexis, Danny Welbeck and now Alex Iwobi, Walcott is no longer seen as a solid option from wide.

Set to miss out on Euro 2016 this summer at the age of 27, Walcott himself needs to be a starter for someone and that doesn’t seem like happening at Arsenal.

Journalists on Sunday Supplement this weekend were in agreement that Walcott would still attract interest from a number of Premier League clubs, even if they are necessarily sides at the very top of the table. West Ham United have been linked with him, as have Liverpool (once again) and both clubs would just make more sense for him than Arsenal do right now.

If Walcott does indeed have ‘suitors’, it is probably worth letting them know he could be available.