Arsenal players were once again wheeled out with positive sentiments after they let their fans down heavily in their latest Premier League game.

Blowing a two-goal lead to go 3-2 down, Laurent Koscielny has stated that Arsenal will ‘fight to the end’ leaving me to ask the question – to the end of what?

They couldn’t even fight until the end of the first half on Saturday at the Boleyn Ground.

“We will fight,” Kos said.

“We are professional players and we want to win.

“They [Leicester] have some important games.

“We will fight to the end.

“Mathematically, it is not finished so we will try.”

These comments will most likely just wash over most Arsenal fans who are simply fed up hearing the same excuses and rallying calls after bad results. On first glance, a draw at this West Ham is not bad, but leading by two goals and then failing to win very much is.

While we don’t expect Arsenal to win every game, or even demand that they bring us trophies on a regular basis, we do expect that they play like professionals and give 100% in most games.

No matter what Kos says, Arsenal do not play like they are professionals.

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What other top side in world football can you point to and say they are as fragile as Arsenal?

We are supposed to be in a position to challenge the Bayern Munich’s of this world after 10 years of repaying the Emirates to give us a string platform to be play amongst the best in he world.

We can’t even chase down Leicester.