I realize how time flies when I’m making these wallpapers – it’s April already!

It’s almost the last month of season 2015/16, and in this month, unlike last two years, Arsenal have only Premier League matches. It surely doesn’t mean it will be easy, not at all. We have some potentially tough matches ahead of us, and who knows, this might be the month when I finally say OKAY, we won’t win the league. Or, you know, maybe the rest of you will tell me how right I was?

After getting kicked out of The FA Cup by Watford, we are facing them at the Emirates in the League on April 2nd. This is a completely different match, and we have to win it as a revenge and to stay in title race. Players are returning from international break, some more tired than others but I have no doubts that this will go well.

Next up we have a really tough trip to West Ham. They beat as at the Emirates at the beginning of the season, and it’s only polite to return the favor. It’s gonna be hard, the hardest match this month, but as long as we don’t foul their players in Payet’s range, we’ll be fine. I don’t want to see Croatian papers being happy because Bilić did it again.

Then we have two home matches and both are very much winnable: Crystal Palace and WBA. Anything under six points and we don’t deserve the title. Yes, we did lose to WBA in November, but it’s a whole different situation now! By this time the whole title race might be clear, Vardy and Kane might get injured, who knows!

The last two matches are also nothing too hard at the moment: Sunderland away and Norwich at home. Well, Sunderland was fun at home, two 3-1 wins in League and Cup this season, so a win away should be doable. Norwich got a point in first game against us, an underwhelming result for us, so a win at home on 30th is a must. This match might *still* be moved to May 1st, says arsenal.com.

That concludes April. I can’t believe next wallpapers will be last this season! Oh boy! Hope I’ll be cheerful when doing that post.

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