Aaron Ramsey is a weird player when it comes to the Arsenal fan base.

Many love him yet some are determined not to see any good in anything he does. Even if that doesn’t actually involve a football.

On Twitter on Friday, the Welsh midfielder who is, let’s face it, as boring as they come off the pitch, posted about making bread.

All very innocuous and bland, really.

But some people couldn’t just leave it.

One guy even urged him to join Real Madrid, although even he seemed confused by his own thought process


Someone even took the time to type out a reply saying he wasn’t bothered despite the fact that if you feel compelled to reply to something you’re clearly bothered

While another, well

In fairness, the positive responses did outweigh the negative ones, but it must be hard being an Arsenal player like Ramsey.

He gives 100% every single game, is often played out of position and yet cannot do enough for some people.

Then again, you often wonder if those same people wouldn’t find something to complain about if Lionel Messi was an Arsenal player.