Theo Walcott believes that if we lose to Spurs on Saturday, it could potentially ruin careers.

Most players involved in North London Derbys know how huge they are. Winning isn’t just three points, it’s the ability to brag endlessly until the next time we meet. It’s asserting dominance in the area. It’s huge.

In fact, Theo reckons losing it can hurt you for months and even ruin a footballer’s career.

“I think work-rate [will be key],” the forward said to Arsenal Player.

“Everyone defending for each other and working for each other. You need to help your team-mates out.

“If someone’s head is down you need to lift them up very quickly, there is no time to be dwelling on a mistake or something that has happened in the game. You just need to get on with it. I think it will come down to that and who wants it more.

“We always focus in every game but this particular game, no matter how your season is going… if you don’t get a result, it can hurt you completely for weeks and months. It can ruin people’s careers. It is that mad, that is how important it is.”

Serious times.

ST ALBANS, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 22: Theo Walcott of Arsenal arrives for the Arsenal training session ahead of the UEFA Champions League match against Barcelona at London Colney on February 22, 2016 in St Albans, United Kingdom. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Although, to be fair, I hope the players do go into it viewing this North London Derby as not just a title decider but a career-changer. If playing for the glory of the club hasn’t worked in must-win games against Manchester United and Swansea, perhaps appealing to their selfish side might.

In addition, it’s a little rich of Theo Walcott to be telling his team-mates to play for each other when he’s been completely anonymous on the pitch recently.