It seems as if all the New York fumes have gone to Patrick Vieira’s head recently as he’s claiming Manchester United could still win the title.

The former Arsenal and Manchester City midfielder, who’s recently taken up a head coaching role at New York City FC, claims that with all the top teams dropping points, Manchester United still have a chance to win it.

“I’m watching the league and I think when you look at the table anything can happen,” he said.

“I think with Arsenal losing, City losing, Leicester drawing [with West Brom], even Spurs losing [to West Ham], it’s still a really open Premier League, really exciting.

“I think the fans love that kind of drama and situation and I still believe even United [are] still in a good seat to win the title.

“I know it is only 10 games [left] but 10 is quite a lot of points on the table.

“Arsenal still have a chance, City still have a chance, and I’m going to be sitting in front of my TV and just watching the games.”

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: Patrick Vieira the coach of Manchester City U21 shouts instructions to his players during the Barclays U21 Premier League match between Manchester City U21 and Tottenham Hotspur U21 at The Academy Stadium on August 14, 2015 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

On paper, or as Arsene Wenger would say ‘mathematically’, the Red Devils could win it. However, they would have to rely on not just one of two teams dropping points, but Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal and City would all have to seriously mess up. And while we were all losing several matches, they’d have to capitalise on that and win theirs with West Ham hot on their heels.

I don’t think so somehow.

They could get top four but I think Vieira’s getting a little carried away with the magic of the Premier League.