There’s something up at Arsenal.

Actually, there are many things up at the club but there is one glaring problem that we can’t miss – Arsenal are a bit rubbish in front of goal.

Actually, that’s being kind. Arsenal

Arsenal are *really* rubbish in front of goal.

How rubbish you say? Well, *really*.

According to Opta Arsenal have spurned 57 chances which are classed as ones they should be scoring.


That’s more than any other side in the league.

They have created 85 clear-cut chances. No side has more. They’ve missed 67.1% of the big ones.

Only Newcastle, Swansea (not on Wednesday) and Norwich come close to being as bad in front of goal.

The cost of Arsenal’s missed chances [via Sky Sports]

Fixture Result Big chances missed by Arsenal
Swansea 2-1 L 1
Man Utd 3-2 L 2
Southampton 0-0 D 5
Chelsea 1-0 L 2
Stoke 0-0 D 1
Liverpool 3-3 D 3
Southampton 4-0 L 1
Norwich 1-1 D 1
West Brom 2-1 L 2
Tottenham 1-1 D 3
Chelsea 2-0 L 1
Liverpool 0-0 2
West Ham 2-0 1

Walcott has converted 23% of his chances, Ramsey 25%, Olivier Giroud 31.6% and Alexis 33.3%.

Of the six players to miss the most chances in the Premier League this season, Arsenal players make up three of the top six.

You’d have to think if Arsenal continue creating this many chances, someone is going to get a pasting.

Team news: Ox returns to training, Gabriel misses 6-8 weeks, Mustafi still ill

Please let that be Tottenham on Saturday.

Please, please, please.