Santi Cazorla revealed in a Twitter Q&A that having his own song at Arsenal is his career highlight.

For most players who get the chance to score at Wembley in an FA Cup final, you’d think this would probably rank highest in their list of career highlights. Not Santi Cazorla though, oh no. The high point of his career in north London so far is having his own song.

The Spaniard’s tune may not be the most lyrically complicated out of the bunch but it’s definitely memorable and was coined almost as soon as the midfielder set foot on English soil.

I can only imagine how it feels to have tens of thousands of people gleefully singing your name. I’m glad that Santi clearly enjoys it and knows the Arsenal fans adore him.

Arsenal’s Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla in action during their UEFA Champions League Group F football match between Arsenal and GNK Dinamo Zagreb at The Emirates Stadium in London on November 24, 2015.(ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Cazorla is currently due to return in April after a lengthy injury. Although there were rumours of a setback, which Wenger appeared to vaguely confirm, the player soon put a stop to speculation and revealed that everything was fine.