Form has fluctuated for Alexis Sánchez this season but nobody can doubt the Chilean’s application.

Always hard-working, dedicated and motivated, Alexis wins fans over even when he’s having an off day, leaving nothing on the field.

It may even be a reason for his form dipping throughout the campaign: he just doesn’t know when to slow down and take things easy.

“The manager sometimes says to me, ‘Have a rest’ but I don’t want to rest,” the winger told Arsenal Player. “I’d rather go home and do a bit of gym and exercise in my house to maintain my form.’

I get it Alexis, I really do, but sometimes a rest would do you some good.

Arsenal's Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez gestures during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 second leg football match FC Barcelona vs Arsenal FC at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on March 16, 2016. / AFP / LLUIS GENE
Alexis is desperate to play as much football as he can. (LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images)

“I always want to play and to win because football’s my passion, it’s my life,” he said. Rushing back to London after winning the Copa América in the summer, Alexis was thrown into the side with no real summer break. His form suffered as a result until his injury in November.

Since coming back into the team in February he still hasn’t hit top form but is just desperate to help the Gunners win games.

“I can’t be happy with drawing or losing a match. It actually makes me really sad when that happens.

“I also like to see my team-mates’ happy faces when we win because I know that they’re going to go out the next day and celebrate that win with their families,” the 27-year-old added. “As you know, I’m passionate about football. I like to win.

“Since I was a child I’ve always been annoyed if I didn’t win. If I lost a match I would be annoyed and then I would just want to train so that I could win the next day.”

With Arsenal’s current form I’m actually not too unhappy I’ve not been around Alexis much lately…