Arsene Wenger believes the title is still between five or six teams this season.

Obviously we have Leicester at the top, who people are now taking seriously, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Man United and West Ham (although the boss had to suppress a chuckle at the last one). It’s one of the closest title races we’ve seen and also one of the best chances we’ve had to win it for the first time in years.

Speaking ahead of our match against Bournemouth, Wenger insisted that we’re still in it and just have to get back to winning ways.

“We want to get back to winning and then look at the results of the others,” the boss said.

“Look at yourself and get back to what you want to do, and to do that you have to win your next game.

“You look at the table and you can say as many as five or six [can win it]. It makes it interesting – even if we would love it to be a bit less interesting but it is the case and we have to deal with that.”

If we’re ever going to get back to form, Bournemouth away is a good test as it’s winnable while still challenging us. After not winning a Premier League match for four games now, we need to start picking up points and hope that those around us begin to drop them.