With just two penalties this season, one scored and one missed, it’s fair to say referees haven’t given Arsenal a huge hand in the Premier League this season.

At the other end referees have been more lenient: Jamie Vardy’s goal on Sunday was the first penalty Arsenal have faced in the league all season. So, overall, the Gunners have scored one penalty and conceded one.

Manchester City haven’t fared much better, having been awarded four penalties (two scored) and conceding – like Arsenal – one. That was also at the weekend, when Harry Kane converted from the spot to give Tottenham the lead.

So Arsenal have a level goal difference with penalties this season, Manchester City are +1.

Leicester City have had way more decisions, as have Spurs, so why does everyone always say the ‘big clubs’ are favoured? The penalty scored by the Foxes on Sunday was the TENTH penalty given to them in the Premier League this season, and the eighth time they’ve scored from the spot. At the other end they’ve conceded two (both converted but not costing them any points), so their penalties have counted for +6 goals.

Sitting second in the league right now, Spurs haven’t had it too bad either. They have been awarded one penalty more than Manchester City – five – and have scored all of them, while conceding just one foul inside the box, at Stoke.

So at the weekend, with the entire nation backing the underdogs, Leicester City and Spurs were awarded penalties away from home against Arsenal and Manchester City. Tell me there’s a big club bias.