There are reports that FA Cup replays are going to be scrapped as the competition undergoes a revamp of sorts, but Arsène Wenger isn’t convinced it’s the way forward.

One of the first foreign managers in England, the Frenchman has been here since 1996 and takes the competition and its traditions very seriously.

“I’m now vaccinated by the FA rules after such a long time, I have become very conservatively English. I’m quite a bit nervous about changing the rules because I like them now.”

There’s an idea to scrap FA Cup replays and play ties in midweek with more time for a winter break as a result, but Wenger isn’t so sure.

“It looks like we always get more money but we play less games and that’s a big contradiction. Next season you have even more money coming in, that means every single club will have 25 top level players and I’m convinced all the clubs can compete with the number of games you have to play.

“This is the most traditional competition in England, let’s respect it and keep it as it is.”

The manager did, however, say he was in favour of a winter break but only if it wouldn’t compromise the length of the season.

Well Arsène, this is one way!

The Premier League is the only major league in Europe without a winter break, so why so resistant to change? Scrap the League Cup or FA Cup replays and let’s catch up with the rest of Europe.