Kasper Schmeichel is the latest from Leicester to speak out about what he saw as their bad luck with decisions at the Emirates on Sunday.

Honestly, the more this goes on, the more laughable it becomes.

Skipper Wes Morgan said that the red card was a turning point while manager, Claudio Ranieri believes that his side were on the wrong end of Martin Atkinson’s incompetence – something Aaron Ramsey would surely disagree with – even if Drinkwater apologised to him after the match.

In fact, in tracking Atkinson’s decisions at the Emirates he made approximately 10 decisions that were incorrect and went against Arsenal in contrast to just one against Leicester and two that could be said to be debatable.

But don’t take our word for it, look at the decisions yourself.

Should Danny Drinkwater have seen red for his horrific lunge on Ramsey? Of course he should have, but with Leicester saying that Martin Atkinson saw it and deemed it not even worthy of a free kick, nothing else will be done about it.

What about Marcin Wasilewski and his clothesline near the end of the game? Or the other tackles that Danny Simpson and Drinkwater got away with? Or Riyad Marhez’s dive in the box? What of the handballs in the Leicester box that were waved away while Alexis Sanchez was penalised for the same infraction outside the box when the ball hit him from the same distance as Arsenal’s first penalty shout?

“We have lost just three games this season so we are not going to get bogged down by this, just as we don’t get too ahead of ourselves when we win. It is a loss but we get on with it,” Schmeichel told Leicester’s website.

“We are a good team and had it been 11 versus 11 I think we would have gone on to get something, but it wasn’t to be.

“It is always frustrating when you concede in the last minute and when things go against you like they did today, it is disappointing but we have to just continue.”

The only thing that went against you, Kasper, was your side’s tactic of trying to bully Arsenal and timewasting when you took the lead through a dodgy penalty.