Roberth Huth, Riyad Mahrez, and Robert Huth again. Manchester City 1-3 Leicester City.

After a surprising season of success, the Foxes faced their biggest test yet at the Etihad Stadium. They surpassed all expectations, with Huth and Mahrez playing the heroes.

Now, after such a win, Leicester are favourites for the Premier League title. There’s a different type of attention now, after people spent so much time writing them off, they are now expected to win games, expected to challenge. However, Claudio Ranieri is still insisting there isn’t pressure on his side.

Come on Claudio, who do you think you’re kidding? The players?

Maybe he’s trying to take pressure off, and maybe it’ll work, but there is pressure on Leicester now. There’s an expectation outside the camp, teams will know what they’re capable of and won’t underestimate them, and any setback could rock confidence.

As favourites for the title there is pressure, whichever way Ranieri wants to spin it. That pressure could see the team thrive, as it did in last season’s relegation battle, or it could get to them.

There is pressure on Leicester City, now it’s all about how well each side in the race handles it.