Laurent Koscielny was withdrawn at halftime in the game against Leicester after he suffered a dead leg in the first half.

A dead leg is most often caused by a blow in the thigh, usually by a knee, and the heavy impact to the quadriceps causes the muscle to be crushed against the bone.

Recovery usually takes days although in some circumstances it can take weeks however, there were no blows to Kos’s leg that we noticed that could be classed as particularly severe.

We spoke to Sports therapist, Marilyn Gregg, to get more information on the prognosis of such an injury.

“It’s usually a 72-hour-period for recovery,” she told us. “Occasionally it can take up to four weeks for the bruising and tissues to completely heal. Without examining the player, it’s impossible to give a 100% accurate estimation but I would be surprised if he wasn’t back training by midweek.”

Treatment will involve the standard RICE procedure – rest, ice, compress and elevate with a compression bandage likely to be utilised until the pain, swelling and tingling usually associated with this sort of injury subsides.

While we await news from Arsenal, I would fully expect to see Kos fit for Hull but not played until we face Barcelona in the Champions League on 23rd.