Well this started well.

I’m writing this after a dreadful 0-0 draw against Southampton. After a really bad January with only one win in the league and one in the cup, we start this month with a draw and dropping down to fourth. It’s all up hill form here, right?

Sure thing. Six matches again this month, league, cup and Champions league is back again. After Southampton, we play Bournemouth away, which should be an easy task but what even is that these days, with our lack of goals? Still, I think we will win this one and everything will be lovely again.

We have nice seven days of rest before the next match, which is a huge one. We’re hosting Leicester on Valentine’s Day. Let’s not fool ourselves, Leicester are not looking like they’re planning to stop any time soon, but we *did* beat them at their own stadium, so why wouldn’t we do it on our turf? I don’t know what to expect from this one, but a win would be a HUGE boost, for players, fans and title chances.

At the time of creating this wallpaper, it was still not announced when exactly are we playing our next match. It’s the FA Cup fifth round against our old cup friends Hull, at home. Due to the weekday Champions League match after this one, I assume it will be either on Friday or Saturday. Whenever it might be, I expect nothing less than a win and I’ll be seriously mad if we don’t do it.

As I mentioned, after this is a massive clash against Barcelona, again at home. We all know them, they know us, it’s going to be all but easy. I kind of think we have nothing to lose in this one – been thinking the same since we drew them, it has nothing to do with our recent results. We should just play the best we can without thinking too much about what will happen if we lose. We lost as soon as they read their name, no?

As if that isn’t enough, the last match of this short but nasty month is away at Old Trafford, just when struggling Manchester United will be in the best form cause that’s what always happens, isn’t it? Fear not though, Welbeck is back for his annual Old Trafford goal so I wouldn’t be surprised if we win this. Not sure I’ll bet on it this time though.

Good luck to our boys, February will be really hard, but nothing is lost yet.

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