Dani Alves has admitted that Barcelona may have to settle for an ugly win against Arsenal at the Emirates, but it’s still more ‘beautiful’ than losing.

The Spanish defender spoke ahead of the Champions League clash in north London and made it clear that the Catalans intend to leave with a win, no matter how they get it.

“The aim is always to win and play really well but there’s the opposition to think about, high expectations, then there’s better teams, teams that try to play or teams that are more physical, so for us to come out of another game with a win, we just keep going,” the 32-year-old said to Daily Mirror.

“Sometimes suffering, having to hold on to a result, stops you relaxing and helps you get there because if you want to achieve great things then you have to come through difficulties.

“It’s always beautiful to play spectacular football but it’s more beautiful to keep winning.

“The team is always going to put all their effort into it, but sometimes things don’t go well or how you’d hoped but this is football.

“Even if you don’t play at your best you’ve got to pick up results and that’s six points from six, no?”

LAS PALMAS, SPAIN – FEBRUARY 20: Daniel Alves of FC Barcelona in action during the La Liga match between UD Las Palmas and FC Barcelona at Estadio Gran Canaria on February 20, 2016 in Las Palmas, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

I’m not sure how ugly Barca will have to play in order to beat us exactly but it’s good that they’re at least entertaining the possibility that they won’t completely wipe the floor with us.

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To be fair, I’m sure most Gooners feel the same. If we can get a win and travel to Camp Nou ahead on goal difference, we may have a chance of progressing. At this stage, after that performance against Hull, it’s an outside chance granted. But it’s a chance nonetheless.

All we can do as fans is support the team Arsene Wenger puts out and cheers them on.