With Chelsea coming down to the Emirates on Sunday, we will see the return of the prodigal son that is Cesc Fabregas, the former Arsenal maestro/playmaker .

It’s quite ironis seeing Fabregas lining up against Ozil, considering a couple of years ago some fans were furious at Wenger for not re-signing Fabregas and keeping faith in Ozil. It is fair to say Arsene has been vindicated.

There is no doubt that Fabregas had an excellent 2014/15 season considering Chelsea’s title winning run but also there’s no doubt that his form this season has been erratic. He has even been accused of fomenting a revolt against Jose Mourinho. Considering the dismissal of the Special Losing One, you might wonder if the Spaniard was as vocal off the pitch and behind the scenes as inefficient on the pitch.

If we take on the analogy of bullfighting, the Spanish matador that lead Chelsea to the title now looks like a poor torero who is more likely to be trampled or even gored by the bull. His loss of form does not really makes sense, although the whole team’s collapse seems to come straight from the Eva Carneiro incident.

You wonder what kind of reception he will receive at the Emirates Stadium although the boo boys will be certainly in force. I expect the same reception as the one he received at the Community Shield, which means Arsenal fans do certainly have a short memory. After all, Arsene Wenger rightly refused to take him, so blaming him for signing for Chelsea is just blind nonsense.

It is shame that some Arsenal fans cannot give any respect to a former player who did wonders for the club, but you can hear those same fans spending 90 minutes moaning, criticising and abusing our players wherever you sit or stand at the Emirates Stadium.

Hopefully Fabregas’ performance on Sunday will be consistent with his whole season so far and we will be able to enjoy another three points to stay on top of the table.