Although it’s been pretty clear all week that Mesut Ozil is back in training, healed and ready to start against Chelsea on Sunday, the playmaker has now tweeted to confirm that he’ll be on the pitch.

The German missed our away match against Stoke due to a minor foot injury. However, before anyone could say ‘Nah Gunners Nah’ (I’m sorry) he was back in training, allowing us to all rest easily.

Although Wenger always said the foot injury wasn’t serious, I’m convinced that it was nothing more than an itch and the boss merely wanted to save him from getting clattered up at the Britannia. I know that may seen cynical but this is what football’s done to me.

Either way, we really missed Mesut against the Potters and having him back for such a huge game is a relief. Although we knew we relied on him before, when he’s not there it’s painful.

See you on Sunday, Mesut.