Guus Hiddink has shared a pretty bizarre story about Petr Cech ahead of our match with Chelsea on Sunday.

The newly appointed Blues’ boss revealed that the goalkeeper has actually been back to Chelsea’s training ground since signing for Arsenal in the summer… to collect his gloves.

According to Hiddink, Cech glove sponsors, Adidas, sent his new set to the wrong ground!

“He knew the gloves were here and we tried to hide them, which we did,” the manager revealed.

“We also tried to make them a little bit slippery, but he discovered that also. They were wrongly sent here, but we gave them back. It was nice. That’s the story.”

Oh, Chelsea, you jokers. What are you like?

Although Hiddink told the story, presumably with a humorous glint in his eye, it’s interesting to bring up considering our match on Sunday. Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but side-eye stories like this because it comes across as a bid to rattle the opposition. As if by admitting that our current goalkeeper was back at his old ground this could leave our team unstable. Similar to if your new partner has gone to visit their ex.

Ultimately, I don’t want to assume Hiddink is another Mourinho so I’m going to assume this was just an amusing story prompted by the press.