If you mention the idea of Spurs winning the title this season to most football fans, they’d probably chuckle before checking your temperature.

Apparently, Olivier Giroud is no such person and claims that if Arsenal slip, both Spurs and Manchester United could catch us up in the league.

Speaking ahead of our clash with Chelsea on Sunday, the striker said, “The race is very tight because Leicester City and Manchester City will be fighting as well.

“We have a bit of an advantage over Manchester United and Tottenham at the moment but they could come back if you lose two games, you never know.”

Of course, statistically anything is possible right now. Well, almost anything. But the idea that we’d slip and both Spurs and United, who have been decidedly inconsistent this season, would then capitalise on this is unlikely. Never say never but I feel as if Arsenal have got our act together when it comes to ‘bad patches’ now. We stumble but we don’t quite face plant like we used.

It’s this ability to pick ourselves up as soon as we fall off the horse that means we’re in with such a high chance at the title this season. Hopefully I’m not proven wrong.