Is there still any doubt that Mesut Özil has been the best player in the Premier League so far this season?

The German has had more than his fair share of criticism since arriving at Arsenal in 2013 but everyone has now realised his quality. Everyone but David Moyes, that is.

A key member of the Arsenal side, he can’t really afford to be rested ahead of the busy Christmas period. With our game against Manchester City on Monday night, eight days after the 2-0 defeat of Aston Villa, Özil was given some time off this week.

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It’s important he stays fit throughout the winter months, and Arsène Wenger knows how crucial his midfielder is.

“Özil is the main provider in our team and in the league,” the manager said during Thursday’s press conference. “13 assists in the league, players who can make you score are very difficult to find and have something special on he vision front and the technical quality and that’s what Mesut is about.”

That’s not all he’s about, though.

“Özil is in his way is an exceptional fighter as well. He covers distance over the games and he has added runs into the box now. I think he has become an absolutely unbelievable player.”

He’s absolutely crucial and it’s no wonder that he has been given some time off ahead of the busy Christmas period. Arsenal have relied on him heavily so far this season and, with the title very much up for grabs, will continue to do so in the coming months.