Arsene Wenger has once again praised Olivier Giroud on his style of play but admitted that the big striker isn’t the best option for counter-attacking football.

One of the only aspects of Giroud’s game that frustrates me is his speed – or lack of it. Obviously this isn’t something that he can really help. The bloke is six-foot-three and therefore, the chances are, being slow is just something he’ll have to put up with.

However, because of this, when we’re playing a team we need to counter-attack against, he can be ineffective. Although his hold-up play in those situations can be brilliant, as a striker he often gets left behind while our quicker players tear up the pitch, only to find no one in the box to get on the end of their ball.

“If you go on counter-attack of course he is not the kind of player that you want or select first,” Wenger said.

“That is why when we played against Bayern, I chose [Theo] Walcott because you know you play more in your own half and you have to go out quickly.

“But when you dominate the game and need presence in the box there is no better player than Olivier.”

This is why getting Theo back to full fitness will be huge for us because we finally have that Plan B back. Both strikers are quality and both have a place in the squad.