Frank Lampard has resurfaced in order to claim that Aaron Ramsey needs to change his game.

The former Chelsea man reckons Rambo needs to work on his defensive side a bit more. His argument is that, with Mesut Ozil being in the form he’s in, the Welshman’s not going to play any higher up the pitch so he has to make do.

“Ramsey has to change his game and think about the defensive side of his game,” he said.

“With Ozil playing so well he knows he’s not going to get that number ten role, so he’ll have to drop deeper.”

Although I agree to a degree with Frank’s comment on Ozil having the number 10 role, I’m not sure Rambo does need to work on his defensive game. I think he’s doing just fine and although no footballer is perfect in every area of their game (except Ozil but he’s an exception because he’s not human), he seems to be coping with his current situation.

Against Aston Villa the Welshman was played centrally and loved it. He’s now scored two goals since returning from injury and assisted a couple too. He’s helping run things and doesn’t appear to be particularly weak defensively at all.