Per Mertesacker believes now is the time for Arsenal to go and win the league but do we really have a chance considering recent results?

The defender acknowledged that we tend to come close to the top but can’t muster the strength to get us over the finishing line. Well this season, he reckons, it’s different.

“We always build up to something and now it’s time to prove we are capable of doing something,” the German said.

“Doing great things means winning something where you need to be consistent for more than six games.”

He added later, “We want to be involved until the end, that’s the target. We’ve improved from last season and that’s why we are looking forward to the next couple of weeks as they are defining weeks for the team.”

It’s true that after our initial season-opening-hiccup we began to look like a team who could truly challenge for the title. With Chelsea having the season from hell after winning it last previously and Man City dropping points left and right, it did appear for a while that we could not just win it, but win it comfortably.

However, over the last month or so our annual injury woes reared their ugly head and our performances became sloppy. We’re now conceding goals for fun rather than scoring them.

With the team in the current state its in, playing how we are, I don’t see us winning the league this season, which is disappointing, but if we can get everyone fit and starting putting in the work on the pitch, there’s still every chance we could.