Hello, end of the year!

Dare I say, the year of Mesut Özil? I do, I really do.

As you may notice, I’m trying to start this on a positive note, since November has been soooo good. More injuries than points, which sounds really awful. Can December be worse? Doubt it. But we’re Arsenal.

This festive month we have six matches, five in league and the last one of the group stages of the Champions League. I optimistically wrote “last in the group stages”, since I really hope we get through.

We start with Sunderland which should be an easy task, at home, no matter how many injuries we have. Then comes the UCL and a must win in Greece. Not only a must win, but a must win with at least two goal difference. We can do it.

Next are four league matches, starting with Aston Villa at home, with former Arsenal player Garde in charge. They are tumbling, so it should be three points. THE match of December comes just in time to either ruin or improve our Christmas – City at Emirates on 21st. I don’t know what to expect from that one and will avoid any speculations. Anything could happen.

After that, a trip to Southampton that haven’t looked too good but will surely be world class against us. We end the month, and the year, with Bournemouth at the Emirates, and I really hope this is another three points for us.

What to expect? Points against obviously weaker teams, a decent show in Greece, and not having our pants pulled down against City. I’m always optimistic and sure we can win them all! As long as there are no more injuries and we get ready for January shopping.

Good luck to our boys!

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