Hector Bellerin has spoken about Arsenal drawing his old team Barcelona in the Champions League and admitted that a certain member of his family would rather he was wearing the other shirt.

Considering Bellerin’s boyhood team is Barcelona and his family are Spanish, it does make sense that there are members of his family who wish he hadn’t moved away.

Although he’s enjoying a successful run in north London, his grandma apparently called him to say that although it was her dream to see him play at Nou Camp, she thought it might be for the home team.

“It’s been a crazy week,” the right-back admitted.

“After the draw, my grandma called and said her dream was to see me in the Nou Camp.

“She told me: ‘It will be good, but you are going to do it in a different shirt!’”

As harsh as it may sound, I’m sure she meant it in good humour and will be rooting for her grandson’s team when we do visit the Catalan club’s home ground.

The clash will be huge for Bellerin, who started his career at Barcelona and joined us in 2011. Since last season, the defender has come on leaps and bounds and we won’t be letting him go.