It was the Champions League draw we all expected and as Barcelona were pulled out of the hat to face Arsenal, not one single Gooner was surprised.

Taking a pragmatic approach to the tie, it means that Arsenal will either have a result to remember or a quick exit from the competition that eliminates the need to play in the Europa League and will Arsenal to concentrate on the league.

Speaking to Barcelona’s official website, Barca’s Technical Secretary, Robert Fernandez, said “The tie is going to be open and very tough.

“[Arsene Wenger] has a very good team, magnificent players and they play good football. We’re going to have fun.

“We have to be very sharp in the first game. It is vital to get a good result there. Their philosophy is like ours,” he added.

Quite what is going to happen in the tie depends on what players Arsenal have available.

If all goes to plan (ha!) then we should have a number of key players back from injury, including Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere.

That being said, the biggest determining factor will be how much the officials screw us over at the Nou Camp.

There’s not much we can do about that, unfortunately.