You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling

Breaking with a five year tradition, Arsenal seem to have got a handle on their injury problems. Coming back from Greece with no new ones, it wasn’t all good news as Arsene Wenger confirmed that Jack wouldn’t be back until next year. You might have seen us mention on site that we heard that he would be out until February at least and it’s hard not to start and think that might be accurate.

As Arsene Wenger alluded to in his press conference last week ahead of the game against Sunderland, sometimes emotional problems off the pitch can also contribute to injuries but for some, no matter how true that statement actually is, that answer is a little too hippy dippy and doesn’t give them a clear target at which to direct their anger.

Besides, who wants to deal with the feels? Emotions…ick. But could there be something there? Does Jack need to seek out a therapist on which to unload in order to shake his injury prone tag? At this point, it’s worth a try.

No Greek tragedy this week disappoints many

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it can also be quite hilarious as this image of Times’ journalists Champions League predictions shows.

These are probably the same people who predict Arsenal will drop out of the top four every single season to make way for Tottenham ‘closing the gap’ Hotspur who never actually live up to the hype. Not that that stops the hype from coming every year.

Doing a professional job in Greece, Arsene Wenger and his men made a lot of people eat their words this week, but even when the Telegraph ran an apology to the boss, they still couldn’t stop themselves from having a dig in every point.

These are the professionals, paid for their opinions and who shape the narrative as well as being the main source of information for many fans as they look to form their own opinions.

We should expect more from them rather than just blindly accepting that this is how things are.

Bottlers no more?

The result in Greece also raised the question of Arsenal’s mental strength. It’s something Arsene goes on about, usually after we’d just been tonked, so given the results against Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Olympiacos this season, does this mean that Arsenal have turned a mental strength corner and are no longer bottlers?

That depends on your definition of the word, I guess.

There is certainly work to be done, as the results against West Brom, Norwich and Tottenham, not to mention the early Champions League results, show, but it is all looking very promising.