The news we’ve all been dreading since the beginning of the season has arrived: Alexis might be injured.

Now, before you all tear up your season tickets, Wenger described it as a “little hamstring problem”. Okay, so I know ‘little’ at Arsenal hardly ever means ‘little’ but this time I think it literally is just a precautionary measure.

“I will assess that later,” the boss said.

“It might not be the right time to rest him.”

Alexis is one of the fittest players in our squad but even he’s human and sometimes needs a rest. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner considering he barely had a break over the summer.

On top of this, Wenger has alluded to the fact that the Chilean simply doesn’t like being rested. The forward has so much energy I honestly want to know what he eats. He never stops working and the majority of footballers could learn a thing or two from him.

Hopefully it’s as ‘little’ as Wenger says. I don’t even want to consider otherwise.