Kieran Gibbs admitted after our match against Spurs that the team aren’t altogether disappointed with a draw.

As a fan, I’d have to agree. Arguably, we didn’t even deserve a point so the fact we managed to salvage one is plus in my books.

“It feels like we are not disappointed because we didn’t lose, even though Manchester City dropped points so it was a good opportunity for us to get ahead of them,” Gibbs said.

Although before the match, if someone had said to me we would draw I’d be disappointed, after our performance, particularly in the first half, I have no qualms at all.

We looked tired and leggy, and with a lot of our creative players out, it didn’t look as if we were going to get a goal from anywhere. I was desperately clutching at straws, hoping we’d get a lucky ball forward to Giroud to messily head into the back of the net, but as the time ticked by it was looking increasingly unlikely.

With all due respect, when Gibbs came on I thought we were just holding out for a 1-0, which was gut-wrenching.

Fortunately, I was wrong.