Petr Cech didn’t have a lot to do in Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League.

However, when called into action, he was the consummate professional we know him as and we kept a clean sheet.

Now, progressing to the knock-out rounds of the Champions League is back in our hands. If we beat Olympiacos either by 2-0 or by three goals, we go through. It’s still all to play for in our final game.

This is why Cech described our final match of this stage of the campaign as our ‘grand finale’. We either win it, and win it well, or we drop down to the Europa League.

Speaking after we beat Zagreb, the goalkeeper said, “We are obviously delighted with the way we managed to win our game and with the fact Bayern Munich put in a strong performance and won their game. That is what we needed in today’s round.”

He added, “We did our bit, they did their bit and it is now a grand finale for us in the last game, and we are literally entering the play-off already. So we are going into a play-off situation and we know what we need to get so hopefully we will be ready for that.”

Having Cech’s considerable experience in the squad is bound to be a huge boost. He’s been there and won European titles before – he knows pressure and how to react to it.

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