Petr Cech doesn’t appear to be getting too down about the 2-1 loss against West Brom on Saturday.

In fact, the goalkeeper believes we were just unlucky and actually deserved to win the game.

Arsenal went ahead in the first half but the Baggies soon pulled one back before we unfortunately scored an own goal. Although we had chances in the second half and a penalty, it just wasn’t going our way. We failed to convert any of said chances and Santi slipped taking his penalty.

Cech, however, isn’t too upset about the result and recognises it for what it probably was: bad luck.

“I think we don’t want to take credit from West Brom but across the 90 minutes we were the better side,” Cech said.

“We had chances and a lot of opportunities and we were unlucky as we scored an own goal. Apart of that, we were on top of them and looked like the side that was going to win the game, even in the second half.”

Although I’m not sure we necessarily deserved to win the match, losing was tough to take, especially given our form in the Premier League this season. With Man City getting thrashed by Liverpool later in the day, we had a real chance of getting top spot but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. There will be other chances.