Per Mertesacker recently spoke about Theo Walcott’s time in front of goal and claims he believes opposition defenders are scared of him.

Theo is having a great time playing as striker at the moment. He’s scoring willy nilly for club and country and appears to really be taking on board all the advice he’s been given.

Vice captain Mertesacker reckons this will be a valuable tool this season and the forward’s speed strikes fear into the hearts of other teams.

“It is a different position that what he played before on the wing,” said the German. “In the centre he is always one against two, so he needs to find his way and his spaces and the pockets where he can be dangerous.

“That will always be more in behind [the defence], forcing [the opposition] to go back because they will always be scared, if Theo plays up front, of the space in behind.”

Defenders have found Theo unnerving for a long time.

His speed makes him difficult to keep an eye on and to keep up with. However, now that the 26-year-old has improved aspects of his game such as his hold up play and movement off the ball, he’s almost unplayable. No one can keep up with him and now he’s nipped his issue with running too early and getting caught offside in the bud, he’s becoming a lethal striker.