Petr Cech has spoken about his ex team’s form at the moment and admitted he’s just as confused as anyone as to why they’ve been so poor so far this season.

Chelsea currently sit down in 16th in the Premier League after only picking up eight points from eight games and it seems clear that not all is well behind the scenes after several big players were dropped.

Cech, however, doesn’t have a clue what’s going on after leaving for north London this summer.

Speaking about his ex-club he said, “Their form surprises me because Chelsea are among the best in the Premier League.”

“I am no longer there, so it is hard for me to evaluate what is going on. Anyway, the season is long and Chelsea are still favourites in my eyes.”

Statistically of course Chelsea can win the league but I doubt you’ll find many people who share Cech’s sentiment that they will actually win it. The league winners from last season are treading water and it’s difficult to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

What Cech doesn’t say is that he’s probably a little bit smug considering the team he was dropped from isn’t doing too well.