Arsene Wenger has admitted that although he supports Olivier Giroud after his poor performance for France, being booed is all part of being a striker.

The 28-year-old was booed off during France’s 2-1 win over Serbia for missing key goals and generally not having a good game.

The striker has come under a lot of unfair criticism recently after not being on top form. However, most Arsenal fans realise that he’ll be fine and he’s proven in the past he’s capable of churning out goals. Having a run of bad form doesn’t make a bad forward.

Wenger has no worries when it comes to the Frenchman saying, “He has my full support. I believe being booed is part of being a striker.

“There’s no striker in the world who hasnt been questioned.

“When he misses a chance, being booed can happen.”

On our apparent lack of goalscoring power, the boss was keen to point out how we have a few other players who can contribute.

“We have Sanchez, we have Giroud, we have Walcott,” Wenger said.

“When you have many strikers people say how do you keep them all happy.

“I think it’s about quality and efficiency of our game.

“We can score goals, I’m not worried about that.”

Despite missing some absolute sitters for France, I don’t think Giroud’s performance is anything to be concerned about. The striker has shown that criticism and lack of confidence can affect him in the past, so hopefully he can just get past this and get back to scoring.