Arsenal forward Theo Walcott is the quickest player on the new FIFA 16 video game.

The England international is known for his blistering pace, but is he really quicker than Bellerín? When injured last summer Bellerín broke Walcott’s club record for a sprint over 40 yards.

Injured at the time, Walcott disputed the Spaniard’s victory only to lose when they raced in pre-season. Bellerín is now sure to feel let down as Walcott has been rated as the fastest player in world football.

Gareth Bale and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the other big name players to be giving incredible attributes for sprinting, along with recent Watford singing Vincent Ibarbo. Bellerín isn’t near the top 10, which is a bit of a surprise considering he is actually faster than Walcott over a short distance.

The Emirates Stadium looks impressive on FIFA 16. (Daily Mail)

Walcott and Bellerín haven’t had many opportunities to link up together down the right wing but you have to wonder whether or not we’ll see it soon. With Walcott making his runs inside to go beyond a defence and Bellerín overlapping you’d think Mesut Özil would have a field day.

Perhaps we’ll see that sometime in the near future, if Walcott isn’t played up front again.