Sol Campbell recently gave an interview to the Daily Mail where he spoke about the modern game’s lack of real leaders.

The former Arsenal and Spurs defender believes football needs strong characters and not just necessarily on the pitch. Campbell reckons people like England manager Roy Hodgson are too safe and instead we need people who are going to rock the boat.

Speaking about his distaste for the FA and lack of black leaders in the game, not down to ability but down to what he believes is prejudice, Campbell said, “The FA should be a beacon with a diverse group of coaches. There are a lot of England players from the black community who have done well. That history should count for something. There should be black people somewhere — trainer, coach, physio, doctor, somebody in the media. I am not talking about the Under 21s or lower down but the first team. They could change it like that.

“The FA are 100 years out of date. I tried to change it. I didn’t get anywhere. I am Sol Campbell.”

The former centre-back continued, “Maybe it was a personal thing with me; not because of colour. I would say it how it is. But you need strong characters. You need friction, in an intelligent way. Football is hard and you need people who make tough decisions.

“Roy Hodgson is a Steady Eddie. He does what it says on the tin. But sometimes it’s nice to have something that’s not on the tin. But the FA can’t handle someone with character. Look at Brian Clough.”

Campbell is definitely one of the strong characters he’s referring to and genuinely wants to see a positive change in the world. The Conservative campaigner even ran for Mayor of London just recently.

The equality activist’s views may split opinions, especially in a sport which still has huge leaps to make in terms of accepting diversity, despite it being one of the most diverse sports in the world, but let it never be said that he holds his tongue. Even if that involves bashing his old team.