With the recent news that the club extended the contract of four seniors players (Emma Byrne, Alex Scott, Casey Stoney and Emma Mitchell), it is time to have a look at how the squad could be shaping up next season.

The most important thing is that the club need to make the players 100% professional if they want to have a chance to compete properly with the full time teams.

Some player upgrades are also needed for next season.

I have included players from the development team in this review as they train with the first team in the evening.

I will look at all the players, position by position starting with the goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers :

  • 1. Emma Byrne (37)
  • 13. Sari Van Veenendaal (26)
  • 15. Siobhan Chamberlain ( return from loan) (33)
  • 23. Hollie Augustus (20)
  • 27.Sian Rogers (18)
  • 40.Shona Allen (18)

One senior goalkeeper should surely leave before the 2016 season start as there is no need to have three first-team goalkeepers competing for one place unless the club intends to phase out Emma Byrne.

Sari Van Veenendaal seem to be the number one choice at the moment and you would expect her to start next season the same way.

In the development squad team, we also have three goalkeepers with Sian Rogers, bought from Birmingham who was England’s number one at the last u17 euros competing with Hollie Augustus and Shona Allen who is coming up from the u17 double winning side.

Next time, defenders.