According to reports, Mesut Ozil is the sixth highest Twitter earner in the sporting world.

That’s right, all those Adidas tweets aren’t just because the playmaker is such a fan that he can’t contain himself, he actually apparently gets paid £33,120 for the effort.

And that’s nothing.

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney earns a whopping £44,620 for every sponsored tweet while Cristiano Ronaldo receives an eye-watering £169,280.

Should we really be surprised though? I don’t think anyone was under the illusion that these players show their support for these companies out of the goodness of their hearts. Sponsorship deals have been around for a long time and now with the age of Twitter and other social media, it gives companies another platform to plug their brand.

Adidas aren’t just sponsoring Ozil to tweet either, although these figures are supposed to be exclusively what he gets every time he mentions them to his 9.89m followers, he wears their boots, goes to their events and fully endorses their brand.