According to the new FIFA ratings, Mesut Ozil is better at dribbling than Cesc Fabregas.

Although both midfielders share the same score of 87, the German’s dribbling has a score of 86, while the former Arsenal man’s is 81. Ozil also ranks higher in terms of pace.

However, the Chelsea player beats Ozil is other areas. For example, passing and shooting.

The comparison is an unwelcome one because there’s no one doubt that Cesc is a world class player – we’d just much rather him be playing for the red side of London.

Ozil is excellent in other areas and a complete revelation to have in the Arsenal team. The passes he sees defy logic at times and his footballing intelligence is unbelievable. Ozil came to Arsenal at a time when we needed a sign that things were looking up. We hadn’t won anything in a while but Ozil took a leap of faith and came to us.

Fabregas divides opinion, but one thing is for sure, he left when we needed him.

I know which one I’d rather have.