Although Arsenal haven’t had the best of starts to our 2015/16 Premier League campaign, our team look like world beaters compared to Chelsea.

The Blues just recently lost another match 3-1 away against Everton, bringing their total amount of points so far this season to a disappointing four. They sit just above the relegation zone with a goal difference of minus five – joint worst with Newcastle.

The south London team were predicted to run away with the league again after winning by a landslide last season, and their terrible start appears to have taken the whole league by surprise. Not least the Special One, who appears to be treading water and running out of ways to distract the press from his team’s below par performances.

Have the tables turned?

Arsenal face Chelsea on Saturday at Stamford Bridge, a ground we haven’t had the best luck at in recent seasons, but after beating them in the Community Shield we’re in the best position we’ve been in for a while to take all three points from their ground.

In fact, could a win for us signal the end of Chelsea’s title hopes already, so soon into the season?

For once, the spotlight with be on Mourinho’s team, instead of Wenger.

Each team have played five matches so far, which leaves a lot of time for Chelsea to find the points they need to catch up and for Arsenal to mess everything up. After all, we haven’t exactly had the rip-roaring start we wanted and, despite having 10 points in the bag, we’re hardly on Manchester City’s level just yet. In fact, City are probably having a right laugh at the rest of the teams who are supposedly challenging for the title but appear to be falling over themselves to throw away their chances.

However, although statistically Chelsea can obviously still win the league (maths may not be my strong point but even I know this much), just as we could be technically get relegated, a loss at home to Arsenal, particularly for Jose Mourinho, could have serious implications for the rest of their season and even his job at the club.

Arsene Wenger is yet to beat the Portuguese manager in the league and as vital as our win against them in the Community Shield was in terms of confidence, a win in a competitive match would be fantastic for proving how far we’ve come, and sending out a message to our other rivals. It’d display a team capable of beating the reigning champions and ready to fight for the title.

Loss of the home advantage

A loss for Chelsea would do the opposite. Teams are no longer nervous to face the Blues on their home turf. The fortress has been well and truly penetrated and teams like Crystal Palace can now travel there, have a lovely kick about and come away with the three points. I can’t remember a time when they were so… beatable.

For Arsenal to do that after the Blues beat us 6-0 just last year, it could completely derail their chances at winning the title. With all due respect, Arsenal have a tendency of getting completely thumped and we have been on the wrong end of a few stinkers over the last few years. Last season, we managed to nip our habit of spectacularly self-imploding during big games in the bud. Now, if we can improve further and actually get a result against our Achilles Heel at a ground we’re pretty terrible at, it shows massive growth. Not necessarily in performances because, let’s face it, although we’ve had characteristic moments of brilliance during our first five matches, we’re hardly playing outstandingly right now, but in terms of morale.

However, being an Arsenal fan, of course I’m prepared for Jose’s team to suddenly remember they have to actually turn up at some point this season and humiliate us. I think this feeling of dread or, as many may argue, reality, is part and parcel of being a Gooner.

Mentally though, I do expect us to know we’re capable of beating the Blues and a result will put us 11 points above them after just six Premier League matches.

No one predicted that after we lost to West Ham, eh?

My argument isn’t can Chelsea overtake us in the league – of course they can – but it’s will they?