The fixtures for the Uefa Youth League have been announced.

The Uefa Youth League is basically the Champions League for our youth players. It gives bright sparks the chance to compete against other countries, experience different styles of football, and also win another piece of silverware. It allows them to travel, get to see what different cultures are like, and what their future could entail.

Arsenal’s youth squad’s first clash comes against Dinamo Zagreb away on the 13th of September, with the next one coming at home to Olympiacos.

In October, Arsenal then play host to Bayern Munich, which will be a huge fixture for our Young Guns, before facing them in the reverse tie away in November.

On the 24th November, we have Zagreb back at our’s, before hitting the road again in December to visit Olympiacos.

In 2013/14, the Arsenal youth squad reached the quarter finals and it’d be fantastic to get even further this season. They’re in a strong position and, after they won their pre-season international tournament, they’re far better prepared than last time.