After Monday night’s controversy against Liverpool, Arsène Wenger has said it is just a matter of time until technology is used for offside decisions.

The clash against Brendan Rodgers’ side ended goalless, but Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey did have the ball in the back of the net just eight minutes into the game.

The linesman wrongly raised his flag and Ramsey has since expressed his desire for an increase in technology used in the game to aid the officials.

Thursday’s press conference saw Arsène Wenger have his say on that particular topic.

“Do you think we will play football in 50 years without that? I don’t think so,” said the boss. “I am convinced it will come in and that the next step will be the offside rule because it is maybe the easiest one to bring in.

“I believe it will happen on the demand of the referee.”

When these decisions affect the results of games so often, it is likely that the officials will ask for help eventually. With the game played at an incredible pace calling offsides becomes almost impossible. The timing of the pass has to be watched, as does the movement of players who are often moving in opposite directions.

Aaron Ramsey was flagged offside before scoring against Liverpool on Monday night.

With the offside rule able to be black and white and the game often coming to a natural pause after the decision needs to be made, it would make sense to introduce the use of this technology as soon as possible.

“The sooner the better,” Wenger said. “Tomorrow morning would have my signature!

“Not because we were punished for that goal [against Liverpool] but because we want justice and the right decisions to be made.”

Surely it’s only a matter of time?