Aaron Ramsey has spoken about the type of person he is on the pitch compared to off it and revealed how he unwinds away from football.

Sounding vaguely like the Hulk, the midfielder described his pitch persona and explained how responsible he feels for the team.

Just recently, the Welshman revealed that he’d love to be Arsenal captain one day and this feeling of wanting to lead the team clearly feeds into the confidence that he now feels when he strides out onto the pitch.

“It’s pretty much like flicking a switch in my head,” Ramsey said. “I give everything when I’m on the pitch or on the training pitch. When I’m at the training ground and working in the gym or whatever, I always give everything that I’ve got.

“As soon as you feel as though you have a responsibility in the team, you’re confident, you want to be out there expressing yourself and I’m in that place. In this team I feel comfortable enough to feel as though I can play my best football. I’m really happy on the pitch at the moment.”

The 24-year-old hasn’t always been so confident. After his leg break against Stoke in 2010, Ramsey found it hard to bound back. He never hid, which very few gave him enough credit for, but he still came across as skittish and his football suffered.

Ramsey has since taken this confidence and uses his ability to bound back to his advantage. When it comes to disappointing results, he says, “You’re disappointed with the result but there’s nothing you can do with that now so it’s important to put that to the back of your mind, learn from what went wrong there and focus on the next game. You have to prove what you can do and that you can get back to winning ways.”

Rambo then admitted, “I’m not one of those people who goes home and has to put football on the TV straight away or has to watch Sky Sports News. It’s important to take your mind off football otherwise you become too obsessed and you look into things too much.

“You could have problems when you do that, when you then go onto the pitch and play, so it’s important to take your mind off it. When you’re there and playing it’s important to focus 100 per cent on what you’re doing.”

Before adding, “I play golf to take my mind off [football]. I have a family who are very important in my life as well and they help me to take my mind away from it. When you are playing football you have to give everything and focus 100 per cent on trying to do your best but it’s important to have the right balance.”

The youngster’s developed tremendously, particularly over the last couple of seasons, and even his body language on the pitch has changed. It’s hard to believe he’s only 24 and has so much ahead of him.