Carl Jenkinson has stated that he is really happy to be back at West Ham as he targets another successful season.

It looked for all the good will in the world as if the Corporal would be sold this summer, however Arsene Wenger showed us all how little we know by handing him a new five year deal.

With Mathieu Debuchy not getting any younger it would seem as if the boss has his heart set upon Jenks and Hector Bellerin as the future of the right-back slot and as he continues to mature and improve with the Hammers, who would bet against him?

Jenks not missing his mates AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT
Jenks not missing his mates AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT

Speaking in his West Ham blog, Jenks said “I’m really happy to be back and I just want to make sure I have a strong season. It’s important that I focus on my football and, most importantly, help the Club have a strong year.

“In football you always go from year-to-year, even if you’re at the same club, you’re always proving yourself every year.

“I’m 23 and I feel that every year is a new year and you have up move to the next level if you’re going to compete and be where you want to be.

“Every year is a new challenge, but I like that because it keeps you on your toes.”

Last season, Jenks talked about how much he was enjoying playing every week and it would certainly have been hard for him to remain at Arsenal, especially this season with Debuchy actually fit.

The lifelong Gooner also seems to have won over the Hammers faithful which is always nice to see.