By Sylvain Jamet

As the transfer window has now closed, we can fully update the squad list with all the new players signed recently, as well as the youngsters given a squad number.

The three new players, Corredera, Janssen and Van Veenendaal, who were all selected for the FIFA 2015 WWC have been given a squad number now:

1. Emma Byrne GK

2. Alex Scott DF

3. Emma Mitchell  DF

4. Vyan Sampson DF

5. Casey Stoney DF

6. Vicky Losada MF

7. Natalia de Pablos Sanchon FW  (previously number 17)

8. Jordan Nobbs MF

9. Danielle Carter FW

10. Kelly Smith MF

11. Rachel Yankey FW

12. Chioma Ubogagu FW

13. Sari Van Veenendaal GK (new)

14. Leah Williamson MF

16. Carla Humphrey FW

17. Marta Corredera MF (new)

18. Chloe Kelly* FW

19. Jemma Rose DF

20. Dominique Janssen DF (new)

21. Evie Clarke* FW

22. Alice Hassall* DF

23. Hollie Augustus* GK

24. Lotte Wubben-Moy** DF

25. Jade Bailey MF

26. Rianna Dean** MF

28. Taome Oliver MF

Sian Rogers GK (new)

*Development squad player in 2014/15

**Center of excellence u17 player in 2014/15

We can see that Pedro Losa has promoted a lot of youngsters from the Development side and from the u17 double winners. He also has three 19-year-olds in Carla Humphrey, Vyan Sampson and Taome Oliver, as well an 18 years old in Leah Williamson, so the squad is quite young.