by Nia Griffiths

Wojciech Szszesny has sung high praises of teammate Alexis Sanchez while still admitting the Chilean has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long.

If there’s one criticism I – and many Arsenal fans – have of Alexis, is that he can sometimes hold onto the ball too long.

Although this is often just because he always wants to score and is always positive he can drive the team forward, it does mean sometimes, when he gets dispossessed in key areas, it can get a little frustrating. To say the least.

Speaking recently, our goalkeeper touched on this briefly but also explained that the reason for this is just down to the Chilean always wanting to put the ball in the back of the opposition’s net, saying, “He’s a great finisher. He does like to hold on to the ball for a while but when he gets a chance, you fully expect him to put it away and he’s one of the best I’ve ever come across. He’s a great player.”

The Pole in goal was otherwise full of admiration for the forward.

“I think his workrate is something different. It should be a given and everyone should be giving 110 per cent but sometimes you see those players who try a little bit harder,” he said. “He always makes a difference on the pitch because he inspires people to go and give more. He’s had a massive impact on everybody.”

Alexis’ work rate has been highlighted by the boss, fellow players and fans alike, and I’m sure it’s only set to continue next season. Hopefully it also continues to be picked up on by the other players so that they can match their work rate with his. Can you imagine a team of Alexises (Alexii)?