by Nia Griffiths

Aaron Ramsey has made a stunning comeback from injury and although has been required to play out wide for much of the season, insists he’s more comfortable in the middle.

Speaking ahead of Wales’ international match against Belgium, Rambo said, “That’s [CM’s] my favourite position and where I think I play my best football. I’ll be very happy playing there for Wales – I think it suits me because I can time my runs into the box better and you can use your instinct to jut run to the right place rather than having to get on the far post all the time like you need to if you are playing wide.

“I’ve had a chat with the Arsenal manager a few times. He said it was temporary. He felt it was the right thing for the team for me to do that job.

“But after the Belgium game I plan to have a rest and then come back in pre-season and get my head around fighting to convince him that’s the position I can play for Arsenal. I’m confident I can do that.”

The Welshman has made it clear in the past that he’s quite happy to play in any position the boss tells him to for the good of the team. It’s no secret that he would prefer to play centrally, so it’s likely that Arsene Wenger will consider this next season, especially since Ramsey has had success there this season.

Regarding his current Arsenal team, although he believes we can now attract the big name, top players, he doesn’t feel we strictly need them.

“The club is now in a good place where they can afford to bring in top, top players to add to the squad,” he said. “They don’t have to let players go, and we are building on this team rather than having players leaving and needing to rebuild around the ones that are left. It is a nice feeling and means the group can stick together. The understanding among the players is there already so it can only get stronger.

“I believe that even with just the group of players we have now if everyone was fit we would have a great opportunity of competing for the Premier League title. The team has come on a lot over the last few years and if we can get off to a good start next season we will definitely challenge.”

Morale seems to be very high behind the scenes and both the team and the manager seem keen to let us know. After the support the fans have provided over recent seasons, it must feel satisfying to give something back.